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Maroo Restaurant Head Chef & Owner

Yong Tae Yoon is the Head chef and owner of Maroo. For over 40 years he has mastered the traditional Korean cuisine. Inspired by his mothers cooking at a young age, he has stayed loyal to his dreams of sharing that taste with the world.
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The Head Chef runs the kitchen at Maroo, the service and hospitality is run by his wife Sume Lee. Together, they have created the best Korean restaurant in Sydney, praised by many Korean and Australian customers.

Maroo Head Chef

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Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll

Maroo is well known for Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll. This is a dish that contains many different raw fresh vegetables, seafood and meats. There is fun for customers picking what they want to add to their roll. This is well known for not just taste, but for great health benefits.

This photo, is an actual photo from the restaurant made by a customer. When ordering Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll, it comes with a table full of vegetables, seafood and meat.

Maroo Head Chef


Served with chilli radish, fresh oysters, cabbage and steamed pork belly. This combination of foods is a must try at Maroo.

The photo on the right has been reduced in quantity for the photography, much more will be served when ordered.

Maroo Head Chef